Mediation/Parent Coordination

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Mediation: Working together and living apart

As an alternative to divorce litigation, mediation can substantially reduce conflict, time and expense, and produce a mutually satisfactory outcome that lays the groundwork for future cooperation.

Mediation is an informal process in which you and your spouse meet with a neutral third party, called a mediator. The mediator helps you work out an agreement in your divorce. You work together to decide things such as property distribution, child support and custody, and alimony. The mediator then submits your agreement to the court for approval.

Mediation can be voluntary or ordered by the court. Voluntary mediation lasts as long as you and your spouse want it to last. If you do not find the mediation proceeding productive, you are under no legal obligation to continue with it.

Mediation can also be ordered by the court during a divorce. For example, in a contested divorce (where the parties cannot agree on one or more issues), a court might order the couple to mediate the issues. Generally, court-ordered mediation continues until an agreement is reached.

A divorce attorney protects your legal rights while you negotiate with your spouse. Once the mediator drafts a final divorce agreement, your attorney should review it to make sure it treats you fairly and accurately covers the agreement reached during mediation.

The experienced family law attorneys at Traystman & Coric, LLC, can help you decide whether mediation is for you and if so, advise, guide and represent you throughout the mediation process.

Coordinating parenting as smoothly as possible

Sometimes the court appoints a parenting coordinator (PC) to assist divorcing parents, as a neutral third party, to manage ongoing child custody and visitation issues between them. In this capacity, the PC meets with both parents regularly, listen to their issues, fosters communication and makes recommendations to help resolve their conflicts. When parents cannot agree, the PC is sometimes authorized to decide for them.

Traystman & Coric, LLC attorney Susan M. Asselin-Connolly is a certified parenting coordinator and has built a strong reputation for helping parents resolve their issues and build a working relationship. Her skills help you handle your divorce amicably, with less strain on your children and yourself.

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