New London Divorce Lawyers Handle Your Case with Care and Attention to Detail

Gary B. Traystman and Drzislav (Dado) Coric have extensive experience in handling divorce proceedings. By drawing on their wide-ranging experience and by treating your case with care, they can help you achieve a highly favorable outcome.

A brief guide to the divorce process

Divorce is the legal dissolution of marriage by court decree. Such a decree may be granted based on “fault” grounds such as:

  • Adultery
  • A fraudulent marriage contract
  • Intolerable cruelty
  • Willful desertion by one spouse of the other
  • Seven years’ absence
  • Habitual drunkenness
  • Imprisonment
  • Legal confinement due to mental illness

A divorce may also be “no-fault,” which the law defines as either irretrievable breakdown of the marriage or a period of 18 continuous months in which the parties have lived apart because of incompatibility. The divorce process begins with a complaint stating the claimed grounds for divorce and the remedies sought, brought in the Superior Court of the appropriate Judicial District. To file the complaint, you must meet residency requirements. The complaint, accompanied by a summons, must be served on the defendant. The defendant may choose to admit or deny the allegations in the complaint, and/or submit a cross-complaint, in which the defendant seeks his or her own remedies, including divorce, child custody, alimony, etc.

Regardless whether your divorce is “fault” or “no-fault,” it is of great importance that you choose legal counsel with whom you are comfortable. Traystman & Coric, LLC’s divorce attorneys have extensive experience in guiding families through these challenging times.

Taking care of every aspect of divorce

When issuing a divorce decree, the court also addresses such vital issues as division of property, paternity, child custody, and alimony. The court divides the property of the marriage, taking into account such factors as the spouses’ monetary and nonmonetary contributions to the marriage, the length of the marriage, the causes for divorce and the economic position of each party. The financial aspects of divorce are often the most complex, but an experienced attorney can ensure you know where you stand. Traystman & Coric, LLC’s attorneys use their financial and legal acumen to provide considered advice and vigorous representation in every aspect of divorce.

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