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A Satisfied Father

  • July 4, 2018
  • Jake
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Gary Traystman represented me over the last couple of years in a fully contested post-judgment modification of custody related to my two boys. I had been recommended to Attorney Traystman by a number of people and found out that all of his family practice is by word of mouth referrals, and his office was by far the busiest family firm in the county which lead me to believe there must be a lot of people happy with Gary.


I was with Attorney Traystman for more than two years and after working with him for many months, I found that he does not make false promises to appease his clients and that he always had mine and my boys best interests in mind at all times. I appreciated the fact that when I began to get off topic he would always interrupt me and get me back on track and focusing on the important aspects of my case so as not to waste my money and time. Attorney Traystman indicated to me at the beginning of my case that he felt he could get me custody of my boys and he did. He indicated during the course of my case that he felt that he could get the court to order supervised visitation for my ex-wife and he did.


At the beginning of my case, my ex-wife had the primary residence and been the primary custodial caretaker of the boys for a number of years. Attorney Traystman and his partner Attorney Susan Connolly who also worked on my file were able to get custody away from her and transferred to me. Gary is an aggressive attorney, but fair and ridiculously honest and his final fee was substantially less than my ex-wife’s attorneys fees and I got custody and she got supervised visitation. Isn’t that the kind of lawyer you want?


John Gainsley