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Another Win for Attorney Traystman

  • July 4, 2018
  • Jake
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My name is Tom McClusky and I was represented by Attorney Gary Traystman in my recent divorce. I read some negative things about Gary prior to hiring him and noticed there were probably 4 or 5 negative things along with a number of very positive things, but when I investigated further I found out that Gary had been a divorce lawyer for 35 years and had done thousands upon thousands of divorce cases, so I figured if 4 or 5 clients were unhappy during that period of time there were way many more clients that were happy with him. I also realized that every case is unique and some people just complain for the sake of complaining.


I then met with Attorney Traystman and found out a number of things about him. I had been recommended to him by a number of people who indicated he was a very aggressive and very good trial attorney/divorce lawyer with a no-nonsense and ‘get to the point attitude’. This appealed to me because I was concerned that some lawyers will let you talk for hours and hours and hours to pad their billing instead of getting to the point.


I realized in the first half hour that Gary was the type of attorney I wanted and realized when he was interrupting me that he was not bullying me, but actually steering me in the right direction to save money and have my focus on what was important in my case. More importantly, my wife was demanding over half a million dollars in her settlement demands and I thought at worst I should make a minimum payment of less than $20,000.00 to her so obviously the case needed to go to trial.


Attorney Traystman did exactly what I had heard from other people he does in that he was professional, he was ridiculously well prepared attempted to limit the length of the trial, my final fee etc., but more importantly he did a great job to the point my wife had to pay me $15,000.00 instead of me paying the over half a million dollars she wanted. I presume that’s what most people want in a divorce lawyer.


Tom McClusky