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Attorney Traystman Stands Up

  • July 4, 2018
  • Jake
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I hired Attorney Traystman a number of years ago to represent me in a post judgment modification of custody that had been filed by the father of my son. I recognize that my personality is somewhat timid and I needed a very forceful attorney to represent me, and I had been referred to Attorney Traystman and his partner Attorney Susan Connolly by a number of different people.


I met with Attorney Traystman and Attorney Connolly and realized that Attorney Traystman was a very aggressive, honest and straightforward type of lawyer. He interrupted me a couple of times during the course of our first few meetings and I must say that it initially bothered me, but then I realized that he was actually doing what he told me he was going to do trying to keep me focused and save me money by only discussing the issues that we needed to focus on to prevail in getting me sole custody of my son.


Over the next eighteen months, Attorney Traystman filed various motions, made various strategic moves, kept me appraised of every element of my case including regular meetings with me. He kept me appraised on my billing, discussed how the billing worked and why I was getting billed for the various things he was doing and only asked me for money when it was absolutely necessary. Ultimately, I obtained sole custody of my son.


Attorney Traystman was always deeply concerned about the best interest of my son as well as my best interest. He did everything in his power to keep my expenses down while working hard to accomplish my goals and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate his hard work in his protecting myself and ray son. I would recommend him to anybody that is involved in a divorce, custody case or post-judgment family matter.


A. Harris