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Father Gets Custody

  • July 4, 2018
  • Jake
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When I first explained my situation to Gary, I could tell right away that he was very experienced with these types of cases. He has been doing it for years and it shows. By his expertise in the law and his detailed knowledge of the local system, he immediately made me feel completely sure that I made the right choice in who I elected to represent me and my children. He showed that he valued my time and my budget by getting things done efficiently. He even had me do some things myself to save me a lot of money. Gary is confident in knowing what needs to be done and executes accordingly. The only thing that was to remain to be seen was what kind of results I would get. After all, that is what matters most.


In my case, Gary was able to provide me with the results I only hoped to obtain. He informed me that first he will get me my daughter and after that, we will go back and get my son. That is exactly what happened, as rare as it is for a father to gain custody. He operated in a professional manner but got right to the point. Gary can easily expose the truth even if the other side is good at covering it up. I was most impressed with his ability to do that. We only had to go as far as depositions before the other side conceded. I can assure you that Gary is the man for the job and I continue to use him today.


Richard Guerra