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My name is Tom McClusky and I was represented by Attorney Gary Traystman in my recent divorce. I read some negative things about Gary prior to hiring him and noticed there were probably 4 or 5 negative things along with a number of very positive things, but when I investigated further I found out that Gary had been a divorce lawyer for 35 years and had done thousands upon thousands of divorce cases, so I figured if 4 or 5 clients were unhappy during that period of time there were way many more clients that were happy with him. I also realized that every case is unique and some people just complain for the sake of complaining.


I then met with Attorney Traystman and found out a number of things about him. I had been recommended to him by a number of people who indicated he was a very aggressive and very good trial attorney/divorce lawyer with a no-nonsense and ‘get to the point attitude’. This appealed to me because I was concerned that some lawyers will let you talk for hours and hours and hours to pad their billing instead of getting to the point.


I realized in the first half hour that Gary was the type of attorney I wanted and realized when he was interrupting me that he was not bullying me, but actually steering me in the right direction to save money and have my focus on what was important in my case. More importantly, my wife was demanding over half a million dollars in her settlement demands and I thought at worst I should make a minimum payment of less than $20,000.00 to her so obviously the case needed to go to trial.


Attorney Traystman did exactly what I had heard from other people he does in that he was professional, he was ridiculously well prepared attempted to limit the length of the trial, my final fee etc., but more importantly he did a great job to the point my wife had to pay me $15,000.00 instead of me paying the over half a million dollars she wanted. I presume that’s what most people want in a divorce lawyer.


Tom McClusky

Gary Traystman represented me over the last couple of years in a fully contested post-judgment modification of custody related to my two boys. I had been recommended to Attorney Traystman by a number of people and found out that all of his family practice is by word of mouth referrals, and his office was by far the busiest family firm in the county which lead me to believe there must be a lot of people happy with Gary.


I was with Attorney Traystman for more than two years and after working with him for many months, I found that he does not make false promises to appease his clients and that he always had mine and my boys best interests in mind at all times. I appreciated the fact that when I began to get off topic he would always interrupt me and get me back on track and focusing on the important aspects of my case so as not to waste my money and time. Attorney Traystman indicated to me at the beginning of my case that he felt he could get me custody of my boys and he did. He indicated during the course of my case that he felt that he could get the court to order supervised visitation for my ex-wife and he did.


At the beginning of my case, my ex-wife had the primary residence and been the primary custodial caretaker of the boys for a number of years. Attorney Traystman and his partner Attorney Susan Connolly who also worked on my file were able to get custody away from her and transferred to me. Gary is an aggressive attorney, but fair and ridiculously honest and his final fee was substantially less than my ex-wife’s attorneys fees and I got custody and she got supervised visitation. Isn’t that the kind of lawyer you want?


John Gainsley

I hired Attorney Traystman a number of years ago to represent me in a post judgment modification of custody that had been filed by the father of my son. I recognize that my personality is somewhat timid and I needed a very forceful attorney to represent me, and I had been referred to Attorney Traystman and his partner Attorney Susan Connolly by a number of different people.


I met with Attorney Traystman and Attorney Connolly and realized that Attorney Traystman was a very aggressive, honest and straightforward type of lawyer. He interrupted me a couple of times during the course of our first few meetings and I must say that it initially bothered me, but then I realized that he was actually doing what he told me he was going to do trying to keep me focused and save me money by only discussing the issues that we needed to focus on to prevail in getting me sole custody of my son.


Over the next eighteen months, Attorney Traystman filed various motions, made various strategic moves, kept me appraised of every element of my case including regular meetings with me. He kept me appraised on my billing, discussed how the billing worked and why I was getting billed for the various things he was doing and only asked me for money when it was absolutely necessary. Ultimately, I obtained sole custody of my son.


Attorney Traystman was always deeply concerned about the best interest of my son as well as my best interest. He did everything in his power to keep my expenses down while working hard to accomplish my goals and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate his hard work in his protecting myself and ray son. I would recommend him to anybody that is involved in a divorce, custody case or post-judgment family matter.


A. Harris

When I first explained my situation to Gary, I could tell right away that he was very experienced with these types of cases. He has been doing it for years and it shows. By his expertise in the law and his detailed knowledge of the local system, he immediately made me feel completely sure that I made the right choice in who I elected to represent me and my children. He showed that he valued my time and my budget by getting things done efficiently. He even had me do some things myself to save me a lot of money. Gary is confident in knowing what needs to be done and executes accordingly. The only thing that was to remain to be seen was what kind of results I would get. After all, that is what matters most.


In my case, Gary was able to provide me with the results I only hoped to obtain. He informed me that first he will get me my daughter and after that, we will go back and get my son. That is exactly what happened, as rare as it is for a father to gain custody. He operated in a professional manner but got right to the point. Gary can easily expose the truth even if the other side is good at covering it up. I was most impressed with his ability to do that. We only had to go as far as depositions before the other side conceded. I can assure you that Gary is the man for the job and I continue to use him today.


Richard Guerra

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